Shaneda, Inc.

"An integrated solution to your equipment repair, maintenance and replacement."

Precision Machine Work

Shaneda, Inc. provides an integrated solution to your equipment repair, maintenance, and replacement. Only one shop has the technical know-how and equipment to be your full-service sales, repair and maintenance center for your electric motors, generators, pumps, mechanical seals, vibration analysis, balancing, and machine shop needs, as well as, providing you with solutions to your equipment problems. That shop is Shaneda, Inc., providing complete, efficient, reliable work.

Our 10,000 square foot in-house machine shop has every feature needed to support our customers machining requirements, including one of the largest Horizontal Boring Mills in Texas. Our machining capabilities go from small to large precision machine work.

Additionally, Shaneda, Inc. supports all machining requirements for our mechanical operations, fabrication and mechanical seal divisions.  Back To Top

Electric Motor Generators

Sales, repair, rebuild and rewinding of all electrical motors. With over 40 years of experience, Shaneda, Inc. can satisfy all of your repair needs on all electric motors, including: standard NEMA frame motors (three phase & single phase), multi-speed motors, specialty motors (all sizes and enclosures).

Our rewind insulation systems meet or exceed all manufacturer's specifications. Vacuum-Pressure Impregnation Process is available for all rewinds. Complete balancing & vibration analysis with the latest state-of-the-art equipment both in-house or on-site with complete documentation for preventative maintenance programs.

Complete repair and rebuilding of all AC & DC generators, three phase, single phase, brush or brushless synchronous and induction generators. Shaneda, Inc. offers a complete service department for the removal & installation of your electric motors & generators including precision alignment as well as offering new motors, variable frequency drives, soft starts & controls from WEG Electric Motors & Drives. New generators from WEG, KATO, CAT, LIMA & NEWAGE. Plus a large inventory of remanufactured motors & generators.  Back To Top

Dynamic Balancing & Vibration Analysis

In-House/On-Site Complete Dynamic Balancing & Vibration Analysis

Shaneda, Inc. has state-of-the-art balancing & analysis equipment to suit all of your balancing needs, in our facility or at your location. We provide dynamic balancing of all rotating equipment such as: pump elements, turbine elements, electric motor & generator elements & blower assemblies (complete with full documentation).

Shaneda, Inc. also offers a Preventative Maintenance program for your rotating equipment. This includes on-site Data Collection, Analyzing & Documentation Reporting. Preventative Maintenance at scheduled intervals minimizes equipment downtime due to alignment, bearing failure, contamination or other mechanical vibration problems.  Back To Top

Pump Sales & Service

Sales, repair, rebuild & balancing of all types and sizes of single & multi-stage pumps including: ANSI, API, Diaphragm, Vertical Turbine, Horizontal Split-case, Submersible, Sump Pumps, Cooling Tower Pumps, Gear Pumps & P.D. Pumps to meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. Plastic coatings are available for protection from adverse conditions. Food grade coatings (with material certifications) are available for municipalities.

Shaneda, Inc. offers new pump sales & pump services & products for the petrochemical industry, municipalities, and commercial applications. Shaneda, Inc. offers complete pump re-design to perform specific applications. Complete in-house Mechanical Seal design, manufacturing & repairing of all types of mechanical seals including food grade seals and packing.

Shaneda, Inc. offers a complete service department to remove & install your pumps including precision alignment. Our field Service is on 24 hour call.  Back To Top

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seal in-house design, manufacture and repair of all mechanical seals, including hard to find Metric and American. Shaneda, Inc. solves mechanical seal design and application problems. We maintain an extensive inventory of mechanical seals, parts, and elastomers, including chemraz, for prompt delivery.

Full line of sizes and grades of carbon blanks in stock for immediate manufacture and delivery. State-of-the-art lapping/polishing equipment to maintain 0 to a max of 2 light band finish. TQM quality control program insures product quality & cartridge seal PSI testing.

Seal designs: Inconel 718/metal bellows, cartridge design Type 98 for ANSI pumps featuring no sticking dynamic gaskets, foolproof seal installation and setting, fits all standard and big bore ANSI pumps, and custom design tandem seals for any adverse application & harsh conditions.  Back To Top

VRU, GRU, Casing Reduction Compressor Units

Shaneda, Inc. offers in-house sizing and design, as well as, fabrication of skid-mounting/portable Gas Recovery, Rotary Vane Compressor Vapor Recovery, and Casing Reduction packages, for purchase or rental.

We offer all the operational and safety shutdowns to your specifications, including PLC programming by our Automation Department. A Preventative Maintenance Program can be set-up for existing or new units to insure continued uninterrupted service.

Shaneda, Inc. offers a full line of Heat Exchangers & Thermostatic Valves for these compressor units.  Back To Top

Automation & Controls

Shaneda, Inc.'s Automation & Control Department builds and troubleshoots controls and panels. Specializing in Allen Bradley, IDEC, and GE Programmable Logic Controllers for Vapor Recovery, Gas Recovery, water injection pumps/equipment controls, alarms, and tank level controllers.

Shaneda, Inc. offers a complete line of Ac Variable Frequency Drives for standard or special input voltages. Optional accessories such as: remote speed control devices, voltage surge suppression and regulation, over/under current & voltage protection are available. Our Field Service is on 24 hour call.  Back To Top

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